CTO && iOS Development

Vitcord (2016 – current)

Recruited to boost product development on mobile platforms and lead the technical department to introduce improvements on product roadmap, time to market and software operations.

  • Product definition and project management for mobile platforms reporting directly to the CEO.
  • Application architecture and development on iOS.
  • Infrastructure architecture over Amzon AWS

Analyst / Senior Developer

Zed Worldwide (2012 – 2016)

Full stack developer for the Bitmonlab project (http://bitmonlab.com), working togheter with product and design departments. Assuming tasks for library and applications design, development, tests and maintenance.


– Framework and applications development for iOS and Android
– Technical support on Nubomedia for iOS creating example projects using WebRTC
– Release management and maintainment for all Movisol’s applications.
– R&D for face recognition (OpenBR, OpenCV, Luxand).


Mobimento Mobile (2010 – 2012)

Joined as a junior developer and worked for two years mostly on web platforms (LAMP) and mobile development.


– Full development of the Mobincube iOS runtime and his port to WindowsPhone 7.
– Daemons fos OS X which communicates with Mobincube’s service.
– Development of internal tools for customer management, database migration.
– Introduced operation improvements like SCM and bug tracking.
– Movilboda’s maintenance and new features development like internationalization, guest management and minor design changes using LAMP environments.